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Dean Banks

Espresso Haartini - Cocktails from HAAR Bar


A take on the Espresso Martini - Cocktails from HAAR Bar

Haar Restaurant's take on the ever-popular, Espresso Martini cocktail that has taken the world by storm. A delicious blend of coffee liqueur, shaken with premium vodka and rich freshly ground espresso coffee to create the best alcoholic pick-me-up since a Vodka-Red Bull!

Enjoy a famous Espresso Haartini by the Haar Bar, now at Home! 

A selection of our favourites from our existing menu, as well as a few new flavours to enjoy handmade by the Haar Bar team.

Each of our cocktails is a single-serve (200ml) and ready to drink. 

Our cocktails contain locally sourced products, which include our very own Lunun Gin, Brambley and Jamberry liqueurs.

Ingredients: Coffee Liqueur, Vodka, Espresso

Espresso Haartini - Cocktails from HAAR Bar