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The Finish & Feast Mission

Finish & Feast is on a very simple mission: to bring fine dining to everyone, anywhere in the UK.

To help us achieve this mission we have created the UK’s premier fine dining meal assembly kit platform, which allows people across the UK to enjoy food from some of the best chefs and restaurants on offer. 

Whilst many chefs and restaurants embraced meal kits as a way of adapting and surviving an extremely difficult 2020 for the hospitality sector, there is a collective excitement about restaurant meal kits and we at Finish & Feast believe that they provide a unique and exciting experience that is here to stay.

Our Story

It was out of a desire to support the struggling hospitality sector that Finish & Feast was founded and supporting the hospitality sector will always be central to what we do. But we’ve since realised that it’s also hugely exciting to be able to deliver fine dining experiences from some of the most exciting chefs and restaurants to doorsteps around the UK. In an increasingly busy world, we see great food and drink as central to bringing family, friends and loved ones together and we really hope that we can help provide some memorable experiences for our wonderful customers.

If you’re curious as to how our fine dining experiences work, please do have a look at our ‘How It Works’ section of the website.

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