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Created By

Thomas Frake

Finish & Feast are proud to present our partnership with Thomas Frake, showcasing some of the amazing recipes from his repertoire that became so popular during his journey to being crowned MasterChef champion 2020. 


Thomas became a household name during his appearance on MasterChef in 2020, where he took legendary British dishes and elevated them to new, refined heights. It was a spectacular journey that included cooking for the likes of Michelin starred chefs Tom Kitchin and Albert Adria as well as numerous revered food critics, which ultimately concluded with Thomas being crowned MasterChef champion 2020. 


Finish and Feast are proud to work closely with Thomas Frake to bring this experience showcasing some of the most famous dishes from his MasterChef journey directly to your plate at home. Enjoy a taste of Thomas’s modern approach elevating classic British dishes to new heights, around the UK.