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Created By

Matt Burgess

Hailing from New Zealand, Matt Burgess has almost 30 years’ experience in the kitchen. Starting out his culinary journey in some of Wellington's greatest restaurants, Matt then moved to the UK in 1998 beginning with the newly opened Soho House. He was then part of the team that opened Babington House in Somerset a few years later. Soon after he was quickly snapped up by the big names including Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver, where he worked at Threadneedle Street. Matt has been Group Executive Chef for Caravan and Vardo Restaurants for the past 6 years and more recently founded one-year old Dinner from Valetta, a South Pacific BBQ concept borne out of lockdown aiming to deliver delicious weekly meals to his beloved West London foodie community. 


Matt's cooking is inspired by the centuries-old ethos of good food, hospitality and bringing together the community. Combining ancient free-cooking methods from his native motherland such as the Pacific BBQ Maori hangi (earth oven) and drawing upon his prolific experience of cooking with Southeast Asian flavours, Matt has created an exclusive fusion BBQ box like no other - packed with soul and smokey, fragrant flavours. Matt produces some of the most accomplished barbecue and smoked food in the world and we are delighted to bring this unique taste to you.