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Tips on How to Make The Perfect Beef Wellington

The Wellington…a majestic, indulgent dish that features as the centrepiece of many people’s ultimate 3 course menu.

It’s generally accepted that the Wellington was created as a celebration of the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, and his famous victory at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815. Naturally, such a historic moment needed immortalising by wrapping prime beef in pastry and, over 200 years later, it has clearly stood the test of time!

We recently brought a beef Wellington and butternut squash Wellington onto our menu, so we thought we would share with you our chef's guide and top tips for how to make the perfect beef Wellington.

The good news? At Finish & Feast our chefs do all of this hard work for you, so when this dish is available, you just need to pop your Wellington into the oven and then enjoy.

Our Guided Tips for the Perfect Beef Wellington

Read our four top tips for how to make the perfect beef Wellington.

1. Giving the Main Event some Love

Firstly, when evaluating how to make the perfect beef Wellington, you should use top quality ingredients. We go for 28 day dry aged Scotch beef fillet or for a vegetarian Wellington option, roasted butternut squash. For the perfect beef, sear in a really hot pan until brown on all sides and then brush with dijon mustard. For the butternut squash, we infuse it with buerre noisette after roasting. Whichever your preference, both should be seasoned well before wrapping in the other layers.
 For more information on sourcing the perfect beef for your Wellington, explore our article showcasing a top supplier where we take a closer look at our amazing butcher, Superior Meats for acquiring the ultimate beef fillet.

2. Layering like a Pro

Deciding what you want to put between the core of the Wellington and the pastry has a big impact on the overall flavour. When making a beef Wellington, or an alternative meat option, a tip to enhance the overall flavour is to introduce a smooth pâté such as duck liver for a really rich flavour. Of course, the classic mushroom duxelle (very finely chopped mushroom with shallots and herbs that are fried in butter until reduced to a thick paste) is hugely popular and is very versatile - we flavour ours simply with garlic and herbs but spinach, pine nuts and chestnuts are just a few options if you are feeling more adventurous.

3. Completely Crisp Pastry

Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly golden beef Wellington with a crisp bottom? But how to avoid dreaded soggy pastry? Firstly, a tip for making the perfect beef Wellington is that you can actually add a protective layer between your Duxelle and the pastry. Some people use overlapped slices of prosciutto, but the classic approach is to use thin crêpes. As an additional tip from Finish & Feast, we also add some spinach to ours to give a vibrant green colour to the interior of our Wellingtons.

Making sure you preheat your oven tray in the oven before you place the Wellington onto it is also a very important step. This ensures that the bottom of the Wellington will be really crisp, leaving you with the ultimate texture for your beef wellington.

4. Be Patient

Our next tip for making the perfect beef Wellington; be patient.

When the Wellington is out of the oven, it’s important to let it rest for a few minutes before carving. Slicing the beef Wellington so that it is in pieces about an inch thick, will help it to retain its beautiful structure, showing all the superb layers in all their glory.

Try the perfect beef wellington for yourself!

If this sounds a little intimidating then fear not. Our Wellington’s come completely pre-prepared and ready to pop into the oven. Our menu comprises a range of chef-designed recipes that offer you the ultimate fine dining experience at home, offering dishes such as the perfect beef Wellington using our top tips today, to an array of other mouth-watering meals. Explore what’s on our menu this week!