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Superior Meats - Supplier Spotlight

Welcome to the next instalment of our Supplier Spotlight articles, where we showcase the wonderful suppliers that we work with here at Finish & Feast. In this instalment we are looking at the brilliant Superior Meats by Atkins.

Introducing Superior Meats by Atkins 🐮

Superior Meats are a family run business, trading from the historic Smithfield Meat Market for over 40 years. The business was founded by Donald Atkins in the 1970’s and led to Donald gaining a Master Butchers Accreditation before handing over the reins of the company to his son, Craige and Craige’s wife Denise.

The commitment to quality that Craige and Denise have is clear each morning their produce arrives with us, having been expertly prepared by their Master Butchers at Smithfield in the early hours of the morning. Butchery is a tradition that is believed to date back to 1174 at Smithfield with records detailing a weekly meat market taking place, with the market taking shape as it is today following construction works in 1868 at a cost of £993,816.

From Field to Fork - How Superior Meats Work 🐄

It’s this commitment to quality that has led to Superior Meats supplying people such as the Roux Family, Atul Kochhar, the Ivy and Finish & Feast, of course!

To truly highlight the quality of the produce available from Superior Meats, we decided to take a look at the provenance behind the Scotch 28-day dry aged beef fillet that they source for us as the star of the show for the Beef Wellington that is currently on the F&F menu.

The cattle enjoy a picturesque existence, being free to graze on grass in the milder spring and summer seasons and being housed and fed on preserved grasses, cereals and by-products from Scotland’s whisky industry in the Autumn and Winter months.

Scotland’s lush pastureland provides the ideal geographical location for the cattle, with the temperate climate and natural environment producing livestock with high mineral and vitamin content, which helps to produce succulent and tender beef.

Around 36 months old, the cattle are taken to an industry leading slaughterhouse which has been designed with the assistance of world leading authorities on best practice in animal welfare. Every step has been taken to minimise stress levels of the animals with their welfare being of the upmost importance.

The beef arrives with Craige and his team of Master Butchers at Smithfield Meat Market where they expertly butcher the animal. The fillet comes from the lower middle back of the cow and is particularly tender given that it comes from the least worked part of the animal. Craige and his team send us the whole fillets, expertly removed from the rest of the sirloin and trimmed down.

Having received the beef fillets that morning, our chefs portion them and seal them in a very hot pan with a little salt and pepper before wrapping the Wellingtons. With the beef fillet being so tender and flavoursome thanks to the provenance of the grass-fed cattle that Superior Meats source for us, it makes for an amazing dish that is perfect for any occasion!

Try some of our dishes that include Superior Meats by Aikens

We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients that are included in our dishes. If you are interested, why not browse our menu and pick your favourite dishes for a delicious dinner party in the comfort of your own home.