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A Recipe for Planning The Perfect Dinner Party

Food, drink, friends, good conversation – a dinner party can be the perfect way to relax with loved ones. But when you’re in charge of planning a dinner party, even the best hosts need a little bit of assistance. So, we have created a fool-proof guide to effortless entertaining. With a little bit of help from Finish & Feast, here’s how to plan the quintessential dinner party…

Our Top Tips for Planning a Dinner Party

Step 1: The Guest-list

When hosting a dinner party, it’s the company that counts. So, plan carefully!

A few things to consider…

How many guests can I fit comfortably around my dining table? An atmosphere is great, sharing a seat with a stranger is not. If you’re looking to pull off the dinner party of the year, then planning ahead and making arrangements to transform your space into that perfect party atmosphere is an essential first step. Do you need to acquire a larger table and chairs? Lightly shift some furniture around? Or perhaps you’re wishing to create a more traditional, intimate and personal setting; knowing your environment will help to plan and host your very own bespoke dinner party.

Do I need a seating plan? If you’re planning to host the perfect dinner party for everybody and get ahead of any possible setbacks, interspersing the natural conversationalists with your quieter guests may be the ideal situation. Making or purchasing placeholder cards with your guests names and seating already selected, is a great way to decide who sits where in order to compliment the evening’s atmosphere. Name cards are also a great way to add that personal touch to your dinner party.

Handwritten invites or a WhatsApp group? Planning a dinner party can be as casual or as upscale as you like, so considering how you would like to invite your guests to the event is an important next step. For the perfectly charming dinner party, consider a beautiful invitation courtesy of Etsy.

Step 2: The Menu

Spend less time sweating over the stove and more time entertaining your guests.

Best practice for planning a dinner party - it's important to design a menu that allows you to do the majority of the preparation beforehand so you can spend more time with your guests. Whilst the menu is a crucial part of planning a dinner party, the trick to being the best host is to keep your guests happy and entertained. They are here to be in your company and vice-versa so avoid spending as much of that time in the kitchen as you can! Of course, the recipe for a perfect dinner party is to deliver on the food and the hosting. Here’s where the ultimate solution comes into play… let Finish & Feast do all the hard work for you!

All Finish & Feast dishes are…

    • 90% pre-prepared. Our chefs do the hard work. All you need to do is finish and plate.
    • Inspired by the UK’s best chefs. Pick your dishes from culinary legends such as Tom Aikens or Francesco Mazzei.
    • Delivered to your home in insulated boxes. No need to queue in the supermarket for ingredients.

And the best part of this? We won’t tell your guests that you had a little bit of help with the cooking… Impress your company with an intimate fine dining experience from the comfort of your own home - what’s not to love!

Explore our latest menu today.

Step 3: Hosting

It is all about the right ambiance when planning a dinner party.

Setting the scene with some background music is the best place to start. From chilled, smooth jazz to regional music that compliments the cuisine, can set the perfect tone. In need of some inspiration? Check out these playlists by Bon Appétit.

Once you’ve sorted the music, make your table setting look stunning with some fragrant flowers from Bloom & Wild. Adding beautiful flowers to your table will make for the quintessential centre piece for which you can design the rest of your table setting around. However, make sure they are not too tall so they don’t get in the way of good conversation!

Now let’s move on to drinks. Pour your guests a pre-dinner drink, something that you can create large batches of to pour over ice to avoid it being too time consuming as people arrive. Complementing this with some wonderful antipasti from Cobble Lane Cured or Belazu (available on Finish & Feast! ) will also go a long way.

Step 4: The Aftermath

Don’t worry about the washing up.

When you’re planning a dinner party, focusing on the present as apposed to the dreaded aftermath of the clean up will keep the tone of the dinner party fun and breezy. You can worry about the repercussions later…

At Finish & Feast, we design our menus to minimise washing up. All our packaging is also either compostable or recyclable.

So instead of worrying about most of the cooking and cleaning, sit back and relax with your guests over a cheese platter by Paxton & Whitfield (available on Finish & Feast ). We recommend serving after dessert so you can graze late into the night and continue to enjoy the perfect dinner party.

Step 5: Share Your Experience

So, there we have it. Our guide on how to plan the perfect dinner party that is hassle free.

If you have any more questions about planning a dinner party, or would like to share with us your Finish & Feast dinner party experience, we would love to hear from you. Get in touch with us today or tag us on social media with #getfeasting.