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Choosing the Right Father’s Day Meal Box

With Father's Day fast approaching, have you considered what to get your old Pa that is sure to show him how much you care? You COULD get him a pair of socks like last year, or try to get away with a charming macaroni and glitter glue bracelet (it was cute when you were four, but less so in your thirties, right?) Or you could go all out this year and get him something thoughtful and a little bit indulgent to really spoil him and make the day extra special.

The Perfect Father’s Day Meal box

We all deserve a bit of pampering from time to time. Perhaps your father is a man who likes the finer things in life and enjoys creating culinary masterpieces of his own? Maybe he falls into the 'can't even cook a boiled egg' category? Either way, spoiling him with some exquisitely prepared, mouthwatering dishes is a gift he is sure to appreciate. A Father's Day meal box is a unique and meaningful present that will bring a smile to your dad's face. All our meal boxes are prepared by expert chefs and delivered to your door so that you can enjoy a fine dining experience from the comfort of your own home. You know your dad best, and the great thing is that you can mix and match different dishes from our tempting menus to create a bespoke meal plan that's perfect for him.

Selecting The Best Options For Your Father's Day Meal Box

Whether he's a man who marvels at meat, is fanatical about fish, or is vehement about vegetables, we've got the perfect choice. Perhaps he hasn't eaten out in a while or wants to be more adventurous with food? Whatever the reason, selecting the best options to curate a tastebud tantalising meal box has never been easier. Your father won't need any particular culinary skills to create the meal either. Our packages arrive 90% prepared, so all that's required are the finishing touches to take the meal from the doorstep to the dining table. We provide absolutely everything your father will need to create the meals and clear and detailed instructions of what to do from the moment it is delivered, right up to serving the dish.

If you think your dad would prefer to be served to rather than serving (it is his special day, after all), why not have the Father's Day meal box delivered and then head round to prepare and serve the dishes yourself? That way, not only are you giving the gift of great food, but you get to spend some quality time with your dad on Father's day too. If you want to plan a more significant feast and get the whole family together, simply order more dishes so you can all enjoy a meal together and celebrate the patriarch in style!

Father’s Day Meal Boxes For Every Dad!

So this year, why not show him how much you appreciate the years spent changing nappies, playing games, working hard, having brilliant holidays, making you groan with terrible dad jokes, and all the many weird and wonderful memories you have?

Sending a Father's Day meal box, or delivering it yourself to share the contents over a fantastic family meal, could be the ideal way to celebrate this Father's Day. All our menus and meal boxes can be perused and ordered up to four weeks in advance. So if you want to get prepared well ahead of the date and are looking for an original, touching gift that's truly special, why not take a look at our fantastic meal box options today?