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The future of office Christmas parties - is virtual the new normal? We think so.


2020 has been nothing short of a long, jumpy rollercoaster. Just as we all thought our lives were getting back to some level of normality, what with returning to working in an office (yes, an actual office, with actual work friends), recent measures announced by Boris Johnson to curb the spread of coronavirus include a 10pm curfew on pubs & restaurants, and the rule of 6. Measures to last 6 months, which may also evolve. “So what of Christmas?” we now ask ourselves. Beyond the unknown of celebrating with friends and family this year, what about the one traditional work event we all so look forward to, the annual work Christmas party - has this now reached its end?  
Absolutely not. We have thought long and hard about how Finish & Feast can re-create the joy of Christmas virtually. Alas, the perfect solution: our Virtual Work Christmas Party Meal Kit. Delicious food (meat, vegan and vegetarian options available as well as the ability to cater for any dietary requirements) fine wine, festive cocktails (because who doesn't love a winter twist on the classics!) and party games. So how does this virtual party work?  
We invite businesses of all sizes to book in your “virtual work party” with us and leave the hassle to us. No need to even organise a venue. All you need to do is tell us how many people are in your department, team or business, and we will deliver our Christmas meal kits to your employees, nationwide. The beauty of our Christmas meal kit is that it can be enjoyed from anywhere and it’s also the perfect way to thank your employees for their hard work. 
You may be wondering, "How then are the meal kits sociable and fun?". Well that of course is up to you, but we've got a little suggestion as to how your event might play out if you're part of a large team. After all, who hasn't been subjected to a Zoom call over the past 6 months where everyone under the sun and their dog has been invited -  they can be tricky, dodgy connection or otherwise! So, if you are a big team, why not kick things off with a company-wide Zoom dial-in so that all your teams can share a cocktail and a toast before splitting into smaller sub-team Zoom parties of 5-10 people? This way, the meal kit preparation, games and festivities can be enjoyed as a small team. Oh, and our legal team would probably want us to mention that other video conferencing services are available! 
We are confident that your employees will absolutely love these meal kits! After all, who doesn’t love a beautiful box filled with Christmas culinary treats, gifts and festive games. No need to say sayonara to the Christmas work party in 2020, your virtual solution is here.

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